Sora Schools

The virtual private middle and high school turning today’s students into tomorrow’s change-makers. With the believe that students should own their education; by flipping the curriculum and scheduling process to allow students to choose their learning experiences based on their interests.

Adopting  a curriculum that puts students in charge of their education, with 400 plus; interest-based classes and a mastery-based assessment system that recompenses trial and error, while developing essential 21st-century skills.

Key Concepts

Inquiry-Based Learning

Sora School models empowers students to ask questions and investigate real-world problems. Sora believes education should inspire students to be curious about the world we share. Answers the most pertinent question in any school: “Why do I need to learn this?” 

Voice and Choice

Attests to the knowledge that students are happier and more involved in school when they own their journey and choose how they demonstrate their learning. Working with students as they build independence, motivation, and autonomy and  responsibility as they move through the program. 

Teachers as Guides

Just like performance coaches, the faculty work side by side with students, helping them to grow and deepen their understanding and mastery.  From daily standups and coaching sessions to community-wide learning roundtables, a synergy of freedom with just-in-time support.

Mindsets over Memorization

Sora has been designed to cultivate Seven Mindsets: Growth Mindset, Meaning Making, Agency, Curiosity, Positive-sum Thinking, Metacognition, and Connection Seeking. Attitudes and thought patterns that students hold matter just as much as the content they encounter.

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