Acton Academy

Presenting 21st century solutions for the epidemic of mediocrity and apathy that plagues young people in traditional schools. With an innovative approach to education that celebrates personal responsibility, creative freedom, and the pursuit of one’s life purpose. Capitalizing on the Power of Socratic Learning. 

With 300+ worldwide campuses, Acton’s Learner-Driven community believes every child is a Hero who deserves to find a calling that will change the world. Bound by extremely high standards of excellence and lifelong learning, this is where great adventures start.

Acton Academy

Uniqueness of Acton Academy


Student Led Multi-Age Studios

Acton Academy is “student led.” Giving the young people ownership of their education and peer relationships.  Students learn to think independently, take responsibility and embrace challenges. Acton refers to classrooms as “studios” since learning is through movement, exploration and hands-on activities. Studios replace traditional classrooms and create a space for students of varying ages to learn together. 


Hands On Learning

Guides use the Socratic method, responding to students questions with new questions. Such exchanges enhances students critical thinking skills. Devoid of the sit in your desk teacher-led lecture-style learning.  Students learn by doing, be it launching a startup business, creating a tide-pool habitat, playing a musical instrument, painting a mosaic, or programming a robot, Acton students build real-life skills in the studio every day.


Discover Passions, Find Callings

At Acton students are encouraged to develop personal virtues e.g. honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness and empathy. With purpose and good character, each student gets into adulthood ready to find their calling and change the world. Adopting use of the latest technology in a self-paced learning environment designed to foster responsibility, goal-setting and teamwork. Ultimately empowered to thrive in a world that needs independent, motivated thinkers and learners

What happens when you take a school and remove all but three adults? You get Acton Academy.

Laura Sandefer, co-founder of the Acton Academy school network and author of “Courage to Grow,” is an academic entrepreneur who believes that children need to be empowered to make mistakes, fail, grow, and improve on their own.

Sandefer works to enable other parents to establish new Acton Academies to serve the educational needs of their families and local communities.

Acton Academy is a radical model of schooling that puts as much power as possible directly into the hands of students, giving them the opportunity to take ownership of their choices and capabilities at an early age.

At Acton Academy Lincoln, students K-8 learn in collaborative classrooms of multi-age learners. With flexible approach challenges each student with their differentiated learning plan and inspires them through real-world projects.

A place where kids are free to be kids while learning how to be kind, passionate, and powerful individuals capable of changing the world. Utilizing the latest technology and educational methods, helping to empower students to be their greatest selves every day. We offer a truly different approach to school. Learn More

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