About Us

We are a dedicated group of professionals, spanning over 6 continents, who have come together to formulate the GERP – Global Education Restoration Plan ™

Who We are

Global Education Advisory Consortium™ (GEAC)

Our goal is to offer the most innovative and student-centered education. Our aim is to provide every corner of the world with the best cutting-edge educational programs. We  have a council of education specialists, including child psychologists, teaching technique specialists, and local culture experts, creating new learning opportunities for every child in the world. 

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We are a council of over 20 specialists, in conjunction with an additional small group of “big picture” educational “Architects”.

This council’s responsibilities include: the auditing of the education system, the establishment of Micro-Exploratoriums,™ and Exploratoriums™ (formerly known as schools), providing information and support to schools in the current system, the writing of new materials, Academists™ and Facilitators (formerly known as ‘teachers’) comprehensive training, and a unique revival of post-secondary (tertiary) content and accreditation.

“The GEAC is a group of professionals who are creating a new and exciting way to educate children where a global network of students and their mentors can connect, collaborate and explore new possibilities.”

Our intention is to restore and improve Earth’s Educational Programs so that they optimally promote every individual’s advancement, achieving their highest potential.
Global Education Restoration Plan (GERP™)
The Proposal

Global Education Restoration Plan (GERP™)

The GERP™ is defining a new educational system by: founding state-of-the-art Micro-Exploratoriums™ and Exploratoriums™, reinforcing a lower Student to Academist™ and Facilitator ratio, using innovative methods and materials, enabling us to introduce emerging technologies, history, math and sciences…, as we are in a time of great change. This is after a thorough needs assessment, GERP™  lays out the best practices for establishing; new schools, new teaching techniques, expending childcare and developing youth community and after-school programs. 

New education system

The Exploratoriums

Exploratorium™ is the concept and the subsequent implementation of self-motivated, project-driven learning in an environment with no prejudices, agendas or competition, and no governmental or other negative influence. Following Natural Law to Do No Harm, we strive to evolve as we were meant to. …Learn More

The answer for those parents who are looking for a viable alternative to today’s agenda-fueled school systems. Our new and creative “pop-up” schools are being organized by groups of disconnected parents and teachers, a like. Typically begin with a few parents getting together to discuss how they can co-create a different pathway for their children. 

Achieved through Discoveration™
Focusing on the intrinsic while creating a new pathway to reach one’s highest potential.
Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)
Why Education 

What is Education Restoration?

  • We have had years of experience learning why our current education system has failed to truly educate humanity.
  • Hidden agendas have riddled our basic values as a society and have been used to indoctrinate children globally, towards the new world order.
What is Education Restoration?
  • Politicians come and go with promises never fulfilled for different reasons. They destroy education more and more.
  • Logical thinking gone and archaic rote memorization dominate. Our true origins and our true history and our true selves, are being remembered, so as medicine, history and science are being rewritten, so must all facets of the education system be reshaped! There is no room for the old agendas and egos.
  • If you can see the future free of these earthly enslavements, we invite you to join us in this exciting new journey where humanity is completely free of the old chains of enslavement, where we will co-create a sovereign future for us all.
  • We, as the GEAC team, have worked tirelessly to create a new learning environment where all children are treated as equals and can make decisions as to how they will be educated, until a time comes when schools will no longer be needed.
  • Our ultimate vision for humanity is that every family; being self-sufficient and one with the Earth, actively educates their children in a family and nature-based environment with the support of their community.

After careful consideration, the following are solutions we advocate for the restoration of our educational system.

First and foremost

We need to change federal and local laws. No government should dictate how and what children learn. Natural Law will dictate that.


We will privatize education. All education, which supports the tenants of CARE and Natural Law will be the focus. Education will be free, and funding will be provided as long as Natural Law is followed. This includes a phasing out of religious, political and negative influences. We understand that none of this will happen overnight, but as humanity awakens, this is a logical step towards autonomy.


We recognize that there already exists a large pool of educators who live by Natural Law and have experience encouraging free thinking and accepting ALL of humanity, regardless of their ethnic, religious and political affiliations. These will be the “trail blazers” that will lead this reformation. With that in mind, administrative hierarchy will be eliminated. Students, parents, teachers and the community will have the decision-making influence regarding programs and goals. We will create a “” evaluation procedure for all schools and teachers, globally, where evaluations are part of transparency and used as a basis for improvement.

  • School choice will be a student and parent decision. Ideally, we want children to attend the school that furthermost meets their needs, whether it be in creative arts, new mathematics, or new science.
  • However, we understand that geographically, it may be unrealistic to have a unique blend of children in each location, but our goal is to ultimately be a part of eliminating prejudice of all kinds on the planet.
  • Prejudice is a learned practice handed down from generation to generation, and there is no longer a place for it on our planet. Our autonomy and sovereignty prohibit any discrimination of any kind. Again, Natural Law/Do No Harm are paramount in our new education system. 
  • With that being said, parents will choose the type of school that is best for their child. Students will self-direct their own curriculum with milestone guidance, we will rebrand teaching with more choices and alternatives for all.
  • Grading procedures, without letter grades, just levels of mastery for student’s self-evaluation and self-study plan, will be implemented.
  • We will introduce and provide teachers with new techniques which make learning a fun, joyful, investigative journey, driven by students.
  • In addition, we will change class hours from 9 am to 3-4 pm, including sports and extra-curricular activities, as well as integrate life skills into all the curriculums.
  • We will create teams with engaging projects and make students share the responsibility of their own individualized education, whether it be in a Micro-Exploratorium™ or an Exploratorium™.
  • General health and well-being will be improved by offering more opportunities for physical movement throughout the day, such as yoga and qigong… as well as incorporate physical exercise with music, such as dance.
  • Studies prove that these are some of the best methods of relieving anxiety and helping with ability to focus. Each school will choose 4-5 sporting activities to promote physical development in which everyone participates on a non-competitive basis.
  • Competition promotes anger, prejudice, fatigue, an “I’m better than you” attitude, wherein none of these are healthy in a Natural Law society.
Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)
  • We will hire Highly Qualified Teachers, on a global basis, having elevated standards and the ability to work under Natural Law.
  • We will have a global work pool of specialists who will have the same training but are able to work in diverse areas with the aide and resources they will need.
  • Our teachers will be tested (EQ, reality & social) in order to hire those who are up to date with research and current news.
  • There will be no hidden agendas such as politics and religion in the classrooms.
  • We will give incentives for teachers to create student-centered, personalized curriculum and raise teachers’ minimum wage to salary of high professionals (i.e. engineers, architects), restoring them to positions of respect and authority and Professorial positions with MA/MS Degrees or higher, will be financially recognized.
  • As for student-teacher ratio, we suggest a maximum of 10:1 ratio for K-8 classrooms and a ratio of 15:1 for 9-12 level classes.
  • We encourage individualized instruction of varied ages together in the classroom, where children teach other children, and we promote interdisciplinary courses that tie subjects together through ‘Discoveration™’.
  • As we are focusing on teaching through meaningful projects, we combine several courses creating research presentations covering several subjects including Math, Sciences, English, Debate, Writing, etc., where everything is hands-on, as we believe in experiential learning with lots of opportunities for self-discovery.
Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)
  • In addition, children who are at more advanced levels will now be offered more paid internships, apprenticeships, and school-to-work opportunities where we encourage to use all new forms of active and engaged learning and the newest learning techniques.
  • By shifting the focus from traditional teaching methods, (lecture, research, …), to metacognitive thinking processes, i.e.; developing an awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes and how one learns, students of all ages will thrive, as they create their own autonomous futures.
  • Facilitators /teachers will learn how to treat “disabilities” with new techniques, as everyone has some type of learning disability! No longer are disabilities considered a determent, but instead, as an asset.
  • We advocate for less social justice education, and more team spirit and cooperation. Cooperative education will be achieved as students identify their own learning style and in turn, learn accordingly.
  • We have developed an exciting plan to help facilitators/teachers with the newest techniques being developed right now.
  • Senior volunteers are welcomed in our Micro-Schools™ and Exploratoriums™. We believe community involvement maintains a natural balance which is sorely needed in education.
  • Veteran and senior volunteers will have the opportunity to read, tutor and interact with children of all ages and to share their lifetime experiences in a positive, loving manner.
GEAC Academist

Healthy children are a primary concern, beginning in the home. We will conduct seminars for parents about how to create a healthy and prosperous environment for their children including;

• Healthy eating habits and awareness
• More movement and self-development, less screen-time
• Prevention and detoxification of toxins
• Preparation/Cooking & nutrition classes for families
• Weekend outdoor sport activities for families
• Building a community around the school

Since community involvement is paramount in teaching the “whole” child, each community will have a “To Do” list, including:

• Promoting every school district to create a blank canvas and imagine what their new schools will be like. (CHALK TALK)
• Collecting input from teachers to develop learning units with practical goals where science, writing, history, etc. is combined, (Compensate the respectable ideas)
• Identifying books which tell the truth, as accurately as possible
• Rewriting project plans (class plans) and learning materials
• Creating a new curriculum guidance, based on logical thinking and Montessori principles
• Using new methods and techniques to teach children how to learn.

  • Post-secondary education has not been challenged in decades. It is peppered with negative and hidden agendas which have no place in the restoration of the planet.
  • One of our first goals is to change college accreditation. By assembling a team to transform college accreditation, portability of credits, and by using a unique system to develop credits, instead of classes, credit may be granted for life experiences.
  • Every college/university, which seeks funding, will be reviewed by a team of at least a three people, to create a new collegiate credit structure, curriculum restructuring, and degree requirements.
GEAC GERP Restoration Plan Initiative

We will create the Restoration Plan Initiative for our colleges and universities, globally by:

• Reorganizing the system, reflecting practical knowledge
• Having credit hours based on abilities of execution instead of book knowledge
• Involving new, paid apprenticeship programs
• Coordinating the old and new system for the first 3 years
• Eliminating non-essential classes (mix and coordinate subjects)
• Allowing professors to communicate with students and create personalized learning plans
• Creating a system where all credits are transferable state to state, and institution to institution

Our Restoration Plan is globally-comprehensive and is under continuous re-evaluation. The basis of all of our education principles is Natural Law; to do no harm. We believe all children are valuable members of society and create the future, and without their ability to discover, humanity would not reach its highest potential. Our future depends on the Children.

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