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Our Intention Is To Restore and Improve Earth’s Educational Programs So That They Optimally Promote Every Individual’s Advancement, While Achieving Their Highest Potential.

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Global Education Advisory Consortium™

Global Education Restoration Plan™

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Who We are

Global Education Advisory Consortium™ (GEAC)

Our goal is to offer the most innovative and student-centered education. Our aim is to provide every corner of the world with the best cutting-edge educational programs. We have a council of education specialists, including child psychologists, teaching technique specialists, and local culture experts, creating new learning opportunities for every child in the world. 

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We are a council of over 20 specialists, in conjunction with an additional small group of “big picture” educational “Architects”.

This council’s responsibilities include: the auditing of the education system, the establishment of Micro-Exploratoriums,™ and Exploratoriums™ (formerly known as schools), providing information and support to schools in the current system, the writing of new materials, Academists™ and Facilitators (formerly known as ‘teachers’) comprehensive training, and a unique revival of post-secondary (tertiary) content and accreditation.

Our intention is to restore and improve Earth’s Educational Programs so that they optimally promote every individual’s advancement, achieving their highest potential.
Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)
The Proposal

Global Education Restoration Plan (GERP™)

The GERP™ is defining a new educational system by: founding state-of-the-art Micro-Exploratoriums™ and Exploratoriums™, reinforcing a lower Student to Academist™ and Facilitator ratio, using innovative methods and materials, enabling us to introduce emerging technologies, history, math and sciences…, as we are in a time of great change. This is after a thorough needs assessment, GERP™  lays out the best practices for establishing; new schools, new teaching techniques, expending childcare and developing youth community and after-school programs. 

New education system

The Exploratoriums

Exploratorium™ is the concept and the subsequent implementation of self-motivated, project-driven learning in an environment with no prejudices, agendas or competition, and no governmental or other negative influence. Following Natural Law to Do No Harm, we strive to evolve as we were meant to. …Learn More

The answer for those parents who are looking for a viable alternative to today’s agenda-fueled school systems. Our new and creative “pop-up” schools are being organized by groups of disconnected parents and teachers, a like. Typically begin with a few parents getting together to discuss how they can co-create a different pathway for their children. 

Achieved through Discoveration™
Focusing on the intrinsic while creating a new pathway to reach one’s highest potential.
Global Education Advisory Consortium

Active Projects

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