Finnish Schools

The educational system of Finland is considered to be one of the best in the world. According to “Pasi Sahlberg, professor of education policy, emphasizes that Finland’s education system’s success has come from various factors; it has stemmed from research on and inspiration from other education systems, education policies have been built together with education authorities, teachers, and municipalities together with the voice of parents, researchers, and business leaders, and lastly, the main goal has stayed consistent in that all children are to be provided with equal learning opportunities. 

  • Little homework no grades – self evaluation
  • Teachers are respected and paid a high salary
  • Leading teacher stays with students for all 4 years
  • 45 min. classes – 15 min. physical activity outside
  • There are very few administrators, every person is a teacher
  • Therapists are part of full-time staff (speech, PT/OT…)
  • They use a problem-solving teaching style
  • Students can sleep in with a 9am -2pm school day
  • Student/teacher ratio is very low.
Finnish Schools
Finland Flag
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