Big Picture Schools

Big Picture Schools is an educational organization that operates a network of schools with a student-centered approach to education. They prioritize personalized learning, internships, mentorship experiences and community connections to provide engaging and meaningful experiences for students.

The schools focus on individual interests, fostering relationships, and partnering with local organizations to create real-world learning opportunities. In their final year, students undertake a special project to solve a problem. 

The School

School is more than a building. It’s a place where learning happens. And for our global network of over 275+ schools, fellows, and other places of learning around the world, leaving to learn in and with the community is every bit as important in the learning journey as the classroom is.


In addition to our network of places, Big Picture Learning serves as an incubator of sorts for the next great ideas in education. Our initiatives include multiple fellowships, outside of school learning opportunities, healthy living and learning partnerships; and much more. 


Big Picture Learning has been at the work of evolving education to be more equitable and student-centered for over 25 years. We’re honored to join and lead local and national conversations, as well as partner with others whose collective efforts will influence the future of learning. 


Explore the collective journeys of a handful of BPL schools as they discover the need to change something about their approach to teaching and learning, discover Big Picture Learning, center students in new ways and realize that there’s no going back. 

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