Arthur Morgan School

Arthur Morgan School is a Montessori model for middle and high schoolers, with a focus on agriculture exercises and excursions into nature. They offer a dormitory, for live-in options and provides a safe and loving environment where students learn to question, evaluate, think creatively, work independently and cooperatively, while sharing in a community that honors simplicity, respect, responsibility and thoughtful consideration.

Outdoor and farm activities, empower students to make courageous choices that help to create global change by developing awareness of their impact on social and ecological life.

Arthur Morgan School

Offering real and holistic education in a caring boarding environment

Arthur Morgan School

Arthur Morgan School was founded by Elizabeth and Ernest Morgan in 1962 to provide a learning environment tailored for children in their early teenage years. Ernest Morgan was the elder son of Arthur Morgan. Arthur and his wife Lucy had cherished the idea of starting a small school in a rural setting that fostered initiative, responsibility, and imagination.

Many educators influenced Elizabeth Morgan in the formation of their philosophy of education, including Johann Pestalozzi, N.S.F. Grundtvig, Mahatma Gandhi, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, and Arthur Morgan. The philosophy and methods of these great educators emphasize the development of the whole person through a combination of study, work, and social interaction in a community. As leaders in progressive education they each valued practical education as an extremely important experience in order for men and women to be enlightened. In addition, they stress inner motivation and the responsibility of the individual as a part of the whole. To these ideas, Elizabeth her own Quaker values of simple living, consensus decision-making, and non-violent problem solving.

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