Inventionland Education

Established by creating a curriculum that prepares people for a life of innovation in entrepreneurship, the eventual goal is to students to be skilled in how to use their mind and hands in collaborative environments so they help to lead the conversation on how to make things better. Inventionland aspiration is to be the catalyst that cultivates innovative thinking for a sustainable future.

Projects Based Learning. Bringing Innovation to Education

Inventionland Education

Creating Award-Winning STEM Ecosystems

With Inventionland’s Innovation Labs®, professional development, and innovation curriculum, schools now have all the tools they need to impact every student with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Innovation Labs® Design Services

Stimulate student creativity and engagement when the classes are transformed into imaginative, stimulating spaces with the Innovation Labs® Design Services. A full line of Innovation Labs, enabling schools to choose from various design elements to turn spaces into immersive educational environments. From treehouses to pirate ships, reinventing school spaces to foster creativity and teamwork.

Professional Development

Professional learning programs are designed to give teachers the tools they need to empower both students and themselves. From single and multi-day intensive professional development courses to half-day workshops, teachers can earn state teacher continued ed credits, and even become trainers for their district and state ESA. Creating Confident teachers fostering confidence in students.

Applied STEM Innovation Curriculum & Courseware

Inventionland has revolutionized STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education by creating a complete ecosystem for K-12 schools that includes:

  • Immersive Innovation Labs®
  • K-12 applied STEM invention curriculum
  • STEM and maker space professional development
  • Invention Contests for students
  • Teacher Resources for STEM-related projects

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