What is GERP™?

Global Education Restoration Plan

Global Education Restoration Plan (GERP™), after a thorough needs assessment, lays out the best practices for establishing; new schools, new teaching techniques, expending childcare and developing youth community and after-school programs. These new initiatives will support and enrich individuals in meaningful ways. We aim to build a new educational network with state-of-the-art schools, a lower student/teacher ratio, and innovative methods and materials.

Global Education Restoration Plan (GERP™)

Our intention is to restore and improve Earth’s Educational Programs so that they optimally promote every individual’s advancement, achieving their highest potential.

“Love others as you love yourself. Give to the world what you desire from the world.”
Swami Isa

Our Goal

GERP™ will provide a central repository for educational information and guidance to Assemblies, including but not limited to:

GEAC - Establishing Educational Plans
Establishing Educational Plans

For all type of learners; from reading with Outer-Consciousness (development of the ability to read blindfolded as a sign of mid-brain activation) to achieving highest cognitive and competency levels while supporting each student in finding their life purpose and assisting them to achieve that purpose.

GEAC - Building of new “Exploratoriums™”

Where children are motivated self-learners with Personalized Discoveration Plans (PDP) ™ for each child, as their communities are uplifted. After a needs’ assessment, any area without a CARE™ group will be supported through the GERP™ until a support group is available in the area.

Specializing Facilitator and Academist™ Training & Professional Development including new:

  • Materials Writing Specialist
  • Science Specialist
  • Language Specialist
  • Fine Arts Specialist
  • Health and Wellness Specialist
  • Metaphysical Specialist, etc.
  • Establishing Educational Certification for Academic Assistants
  • Restructuring Education by Auditing the System
  • Writing New Curricula
  • Establishing more Childcare Support
  • Creating Youth, After-School, and Community Programs
  • Facilitating Education of (to enrich) communities and families
  • Developing community youth and after-school programs that support and enrich children in meaningful ways.
  • Guiding local CARE™ groups to restore and improve education for infants, children, and young adults from ages 0-25
  • Initiating best practices for establishing new learning centers and new and creative information delivery techniques
Classes and Seminars

Conducting classes for students and seminars for parents, in order to create healthy and prosperous environments for their children including; healthy eating habits, movement and how to provide clean water and environment to their communities.

Teaching through a Mastery process

Where new knowledge is taught in small increments, including real physical objects and topics associated with them, using appropriate study gradients thereby achieving a full level of understanding; this is followed by practicing application, while checking and periodically correcting acquired knowledge and skills in order to achieve an optimal level of application.

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