An initiative developed by NuVu to convey design, creativity and innovation to K-12 schools and organizations internationally. Using NuVu’s design studio pedagogy and process, students are empowered to explore real world topics in a hands-on studio environment, solving complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The core mission of Nuvu Innovation School is to empower the next generation of young designers, entrepreneurs, makers and inventors who will impact their communities and world through their work and ideas.

NuVuX consists of multiple program components that are implemented collectively for greater impact across schools and organizations. Primarily adopting seamless Quadripartite models for learning institutions, which are:-

  • Studio Curriculum X1: Designed for schools seeking to run studio-based programming with minimal support from NuVu.  
  • Virtual Studios X2: Courses are led simultaneous by NuVu Coaches in a virtual environment, a good choice for schools interested in piloting NuVu curriculum or for schools limited by teacher support. 
NuvuX Studio
  • Program Support X3: A combination of studio curriculum, remote support, and professional training to help develop a robust, onsite, studio-based program for students.
  • NuVuX Fellows X4: The most comprehensive model, appropriate for institutions seeking to create or enhance studio-based programming within their organization long-term. a full time NuVuX Fellow is dedicated to the project (either on-site or remotely), and a NuVuX Program Designer (project manager) oversees the implementation of the program.

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