How to Set Up a GEAC Micro-Exploratorium

You, as a parent already know your reasons for wanting to start your own GEAC Micro-Exploratorium and after you have created your Parental Organization Group (POG), Set Your Intention, clarified your vision for your micro-school, and made your Vision Board, you are ready to actually begin the process.

Before you  dive into uncharted waters, check to make sure you  are legal to teach children, outside of the government-sponsored system. In your respective countries, please research the homeschool laws applicable to your place of residence. Our intention is that very soon, you won’t have to worry about governmental oversight and will be able to educate your children however you  see fit!

The Steps

How to Set Up a GEAC Micro-Exploratorium™

Learning Preference

Have your child take a “Learning Preference” survey.

GEAC Homeschool Style Quizzing

Homeschool Style Quiz

To help you know if you are ready to teach your children at home, take the “Homeschool Style Quiz”.

GEAC Set Method of Teaching

What is your method of how you will teach your child? Watch our media section to see what works for others

GEAC Understand-Teaching Methods

Understand Teaching Method

Figure out what YOUR teaching style is. By understanding how you can teach, you will be better equipped to facilitate others on their learning journeys.

To assist you in deciding WHAT to teach, check out these GEAC-approved resources:

a) The Montessori method of home schooling is the GEAC’s favorite model for home schooling and for building an Exploratorium (100+ students).

b) The Khan Academy: this includes free, interactive online lessons with an emphasis on math & science.

c)  Curriki is a free (donations) toolkit with lots of design-your- own activities.

d) Homeschoolfree is a Facebook resource for parents who are willing to give you their home school resources. Make the connections here and just pay postage to receive their materials.

e) Freehomeschooldeals has tons of freebies to use in your Micro-Explo!

f) Worldschooling is the concept of traveling the globe and teaching your child at the same time. While it would be the best way to learn history and culture, for example, it may come with a large price tag!

g) Eclectic homeschooling is where parents pick and choose the best parts of several homeschooling resources.

GEAC Academist
GEAC Micro-Exploratorium.

Materials and supplies can take up as much or as little of your budget, as you allow. Before making any major purchases for your school, talk about it at your POG meetings. Communication and creative input are essential to a successful Micro-Explo.

Plan your lessons around the local, state, provincial or your country’s required skills, then get creative. Learning geometry can be taught while building a bird house, science can be explored while at a pond or ocean, languages may be taught on-line, by students in another country, and art can be made literally out of anything. It’s up to you  to find those resources to make learning a Discoveration for each child.

All of this can be done, cooperatively, with all ages learning different aspects, simultaneously. It takes planning, effort and cooperation, but together your POG Family can do it. Each one must actively take part in all aspects of this project, while working independently to research and plan each day for the children. Through good planning and cooperative thinking, you  can do it!

We are committed to helping you  launch your Micro-Exploratorium. 

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