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Why Is There A Need to Change How We Educate? 

Over the past one hundred years, education has not been creatively challenged. Trends came and went, and education was treated as a “one-size fits all” method of learning. We no longer can cluster children according to their ages and expect them to regurgitate the information they are fed. It is plain and simple; it didn’t work. Too many children, whether they were disabled, at-risk, or gifted and talented, fell through the cracks of that process and failed to reach their highest potential. Every child deserves to be imaginatively educated according to their own wants and needs and our Montessori method of learning will meet those indispensable needs.

Our Global Education Team has created a vital and vibrant educational environment, designed to serve every student on this planet. The Global Educational Team envisions that every family will have the ability to direct their children’s education to their specific needs and goals and we are excited about this proposal!

GEAC Academist

We Aim to provide best practices for establishing new learning centers and new ways of acquiring knowledge, experience, and awareness, that supports and enriches everyone, in reaching their highest potential.

Our mission statement is our intention, and it is to restore, improve and create new Earth’s Educational Designs, that optimally promote every individual’s abilities and talents.

Our goals include; collaboration and co-creation of innovative learning strategies such as reading with Outer-Consciousness as well as endeavors to achieve optimal levels of understanding, and create metacognitive environments that are student-focused and nature based.

  • We will create an environment where children are self-motivated  to do meaningful projects which are interesting and personally rewarding, as they develop.
  • Replacing schools by building new Exploratoriums that will invite innovative learning where students will be motivated learners with Personalized Discovery Plans creating unique experiences which will benefit all learners.
  • We will break the chains of institutionalized learning and invite creative mastery through the exploration process.
  • We are excited to assist in the conception of building new Exploratoriums, we also will create and mobilize a facilitator training plan.
  • We understand that we need to design new materials and we will create a new framework to share.
  • And, we have not forgotten about higher education! We will begin with an accreditation adjustment plan, and as needed, with every change, we will continually assess the current system.

The Exploratoriums are based in nature, using; mid-brain, interest skills, children’s natural abilities, and are goals focused.

The curriculums revolve around a holistic and passionate pursuit of the love of learning. By focusing on an interdisciplinary, project-based learning, students combine knowledge of different disciplines, creating a joyful, intrinsic learning environment where children experience multidimensional learning.

  • Every community is in charge of their own future. With this, comes a high level of responsibility and cooperation with others. We would like each community to build the school, that they desire and we will endeavor to advise at every step of the way, from community seminars focusing on health, infants, and adult learning to cooperation with local businesses and industries. 
  • Our dream is to have construction materials, windows and furniture, crafted by the same local community with help from area professionals.
  • Our main focus is the school-age children and youth involvement in unique programs which facilitate their growth, competency and awareness.
  • Every child has a different approach to learning and we will tap into their own abilities and passions. 
  • We also have to consider that everyone has a different focusing ability. Some can focus for 20-25 minutes before taking a small break, while others are able to focus for longer periods of time.
  • It is imperative to find each student’s focus-block, because we need to time their breaks accordingly.
  • This can differ between students, and there is no correlation between abilities/IQ and length of attention span/focus-ability. Depending on the subject, a student can be an accelerated learner or could need more time to finish certain tasks.
  • Each subject needs to be taught in an incremental way touching the same material at higher levels each time, up to the mastery level.
  • Because grades are not involved, there is no fear of failure. There is no criticism, just positive reinforcement. Each student will be at a different level of learning, so there is no competition and no student will feel inferior to others.

The Global Education Team favors the Montessori model of learning because the common strength of the best models is that they include student centered individualized education programs, where the individual takes accountability for their own learning. Learning styles differ among children, their strengths do not always correspond with their preferences. Finding out their styles early, and guiding them to develop healthy learning habits, is imperative. Standardized tests and test grades are replaced by Mastery levels. No one fails, ever.

GEAC Academist™ & Facilitator Training
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