What exactly is an Exploratorium™? Our legal definitions read, “Exploratorium™ is the concept and the subsequent implementation of self-motivated, project-driven learning in an environment with no prejudices, agendas or competition, and no governmental or other negative influence. Following Natural Law to Do No Harm, we strive to evolve as we were meant to.

Global Education Advisory Consortium™

Whether it be building or concept”, all are part of the creative process.

It is through Discoveration™ or the focusing on the intrinsic while creating a new pathway to reach one’s highest potential. And it begins with your intention to make it happen.

Look at the big picture.

Visualize your Exploratorium™, completely finished and there are children everywhere, having fun and learning. That’s how your Exploratorium™ will manifest. It starts with you.

Now, let’s take a look in reverse and Decipher how  you got to this great place and state of being. As you look backwards, you probably see a beautifully landscaped, fully-complete building, with areas to lounge, lovely gardens with edible landscaping, fountains, meditation areas, baseball field…

Global Education Advisory Consortium

But before all of this, was the construction. Lots of positive energy when breaking ground, while keeping the vision forefront. Endless meetings, budgeting and other concerns…

And before that was The Plan. You had a blueprint for success. All your research was put into The Plan. It was tangible and it felt good!

Global Education Advisory Consortium

Still before The Plan, came a group of individuals, who, for whatever reason wanted a better life for their children. These individuals were critically minded free-thinkers. They were creative and filled with positive energy and knew they were going to be successful. They came together and decided they needed to think about a few things first, and budgets were first on their list, but didn’t know where to start. The journey starts here…see the dream.

You need a place to begin and the budget is not the greatest concern. But that, and much more, will come with manifestation, just like everything else. Practice makes perfect! Let’s begin with the structure or bones of the operation: Logistics. Location. Structure. Organization.

GEAC - Logistics or Putting It All Together

Logistics or Putting It All Together 

According to ‘Smart Lookup’ the definition of logistics is: the detailed coordination of a complex operation. No doubt, there will be stumbling blocks, but we can manifest what we want and need. Just visualize it in detail and hold onto that thought, and the GEAC™ has guidelines to assist you as you step onto this path and co-create a passionate place of learning.

GEAC - Structure or Space

Structure or Space for ?250 to ?500 Children

Before you decide what buildings you will need, Think and write down:

  • What can I personally do? What are my strengths & weaknesses? Am I willing to work hard for this? And then tell yourself, I can manifest this! Practice makes perfect!
  • What are our group’s deficiencies and needs, strengths and weaknesses?
  • What great things do the people in our community offer?
  • What do we truly want for our children?
  • What is our ultimate dream for our children?
  • And then research plans. The GEAC™ has sample plans available. 
GEAC Location

Location; cities, urban, rural, desert, prairie… all work!

We understand that acreage may be at a premium in some areas, while others have freedom to expand. Think outside the box. The old ‘school” buildings paradigms are a thing of the past. Take a look at this ‘school’ in The NetherlandsOr look at the “Met” School in Rhode Island, USA  

GEAC Organization


What kind of people do we need to assist in getting this going?

The GEAC™ has a  global advisory team that has assembled extensive research to formulate the organization and structure for your project. See how the GEAC is structured, and that will give you an idea of how the Team are pulled together to create the best possible organizational structure, complete with sample budgets and curriculums and much more. 

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