Personalized Discoveration Plan™

What exactly is a Personalized Discoveration Plan (PDP)™?

It’s part of the GEAC’s™ Restoration Plan; where each student will co-create their own aspirations and pathways for learning. It’s about creating a conduit for all types of learners, who are allowed to make decisions as to how and what they learn.

It’s all about how a student accomplishes a goal and how We redirect that focus to the process. For example, your child shows you their art work, and your natural response is, “Oh that’s such a pretty drawing of a lighthouse, you did such a good job!”, instead the focus should be on how the child got to the end product. “I see you used perspective perfectly to create your lighthouse. That’s really awesome use of design principles, great job…” See the difference? Focus on the process, not the end result, and acknowledgement, not praise. Don’t praise the personality, acknowledge the steps they took to get there!

Achieved through Discoveration™
Focusing on the intrinsic while creating a new pathway to reach one’s highest potential.
GEAC Discovertaion
Personalized Discoveration Plan™

In addition to basic Montessori principles, our PDP’s™ include reading with Outer-Consciousness (development of the ability to read blindfolded, as a sign of midbrain activation) and how to Co-create With Intention (again, midbrain activation), and how to achieve the highest cognitive and competency levels, while supporting each student in finding their life-purpose and guiding them to achieve that purpose. It shifts the focus from knowledge as the outcome, to “knowing”, as the process

The purpose of each PDP™ ensures that children are successful and can learn at their own pace. They won’t feel pressure to learn something they aren’t ready to learn and on the other hand, they won’t be bored waiting for their peers to catch up. It’s a Win-Win situation for everyone!

Each lesson we facilitate, is built one upon the other. For instance, a child can’t learn to read until they have mastered the sounds of each letter of the alphabet. Depending on the child, this may take two months and for another child, three depending on their age. There is no pressure to ‘keep up’. Everyone works at their own pace, according to the goals they set up in their Personalized Discovery Plan. The Adacemist ™ or Facilitator has to constantly keep up with flexible curriculums needing to be completed by each age group.

The PDP focuses on the engaging process through activities, for the younger children, and projects for the more advanced; not with tasks and their results. The child is the center of the plan. It’s relevant education where the student can develop interdependently while working with a group of peers. Children will show their natural interest in learning when the Academists™/Facilitators have carefully prepared their learning environment.

Personalized Discoveration Plan™

To help you start thinking about where to begin a PDP for your child consider these:

  • What are the best learning environments for my child?
  • How do they learn best?
  • What are the best Montessori methods & techniques for teaching them?
  • What is their best method of taking in information?
  • What are your strengths for teaching and learning, because learning is a family affair!
  • Know how to give the control to your child, so you can assist in modifying their learning and they will have the optimal intake of knowledge.
  • Research tools for Montessori learning. It’s easier than you think.
  • Research critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills to develop independent learners and teach show them how to observe, analyze and adapt their learning.

You can co-create this together!


*Keep checking back for links to Sample PDP’s and testimonies from our GEAC parents.

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