GEAC™ New Vocabulary & Definitions

Discoveration: Focusing on the intrinsic (inner motivation) while creating a new pathway to reach one’s highest potential.

Parental Organization Groups (POGS): Parents who commit to and actively participate to better education for children and unite to make it happen, following the certified Exploratorium™ principles and ideals.

Personalized Discovery Plans™ (PDP): Creating a pathway for all types of learners; from reading with Outer-Consciousness (development of the ability to read blindfolded as a sign of midbrain activation), to achieving the highest cognitive and competency levels while supporting each student in finding their life purpose and guiding them to achieve that purpose.

Micro-Exploratorium: A group of Parents/Educators (Parental Organization Groups™ ‘POGS’) who form a small learning communities for their own children, following the certified Exploratorium™ principles and ideals.

Exploratorium™: The concept and the subsequent implementation of self-motivated, project-driven learning in an environment without exclusivity, agendas or competition, and no governmental or other influences, creating a community to unite, collaborate and evolve.

Academists: Formerly known as Teachers. In addition, Academists™ are highly proficient in their specialized areas, and typically work with upper level students. Facilitators are also specialized, but typically work with younger children.

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