Over the past one hundred years, education has not been creatively challenged. Trends came and went, and education was treated as a “one-size fits all” method of learning. 

We can no longer cluster children according to their ages and expect them to regurgitate the information they are fed. It is plain and simple; it didn’t work. Too many children, whether they were disabled, at-risk, or gifted and talented, fell through the cracks of that process and failed to reach their highest potential. Every child deserves to be imaginatively educated according to their own wants and needs and the Montessori model of learning will serve as an introductory model to a child centered philosophy which can then branch out into other models that may fit your community’s need.

Our Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)™ has created a vital and vibrant educational environment, designed to serve every student on this planet. The GEAC™ envisions that every family will have the ability to direct their children’s education to their specific needs and goals and we are excited about this proposal! We aim to provide best practices for establishing new learning centers and new ways of acquiring knowledge, experience, and awareness that supports and enriches everyone, in reaching their highest potential

Our Intention Is To Restore and Improve Earth’s Educational Programs So That They Optimally Promote Every Individual’s Advancement, While Achieving Their Highest Potential.

Global Education Advisory Consortium (GEAC)

Our goals include; collaboration and co-creation of innovative learning strategies such as reading with Outer-Consciousness, using creative and emerging learning techniques, and creating metacognitive environments that are student-focused and nature based.

We will create an environment where children are self-motivated to do meaningful projects which are interesting and personally rewarding, as they develop. Replacing schools by building new GEAC Micro-Schools™, Micro-Exploratoriums™ & Exploratoriums will invite innovative learning where students will be motivated learners with Personalized Discovation Plans™, with unique experiences which will benefit all. We will break the chains of institutionalized learning and invite creative mastery through the exploration process.

We will assist in the conception of building new GEAC Micro-Schools™, Micro-Exploratoriums™ & Exploratoriums, we also will create and mobilize a Academistand Facilitator training plan. We understand that we need to design new materials and will create a new framework to share, globally.

We have not forgotten about higher education! We will begin with an accreditation and subject adjustment plan, and as needed and will continually reassess the current system.

Our main focus is the school-age children and youth involvement in unique programs which facilitate their growth, competency and awareness. Every child has a different approach to learning and we will tap into their own abilities and passions.  We also have to consider that everyone has a different focusing ability. Some can focus for 20-25 minutes before taking a small break, while others are able to focus for longer periods of time.

It is imperative to understand each student’s ability to focus, because we need to time their breaks accordingly. This can differ between students, and there is no correlation between abilities and length of attention span. There is also no correlation between IQ and length of focus-ability.

Depending on the subject, a student can be an accelerated learner or could need more time to finish certain tasks. Each subject needs to be taught in an incremental way, touching the same material at higher levels each time, up to the mastery level.

Because letter grading is not involved, there is no fear of failure. There is no criticism, just positive reinforcement. Each student will be at a different level of learning, so there is no competition and no one will feel inferior to others.

The Academists™, Facilitators and their teams, understand that through exploration and projects, each child has creative abilities and are able to achieve high mastery skill levels, in different materials or subjects. Plus, they will work together to achieve the best way to create and present their projects.

Working towards mastery levels, encourages children to review materials which are not understood and to reach out to other students for help without embarrassment. Students which mentored others earlier, can now be taught by those they mentored. That creates equality in an intrinsic, loving environment, through cooperation. Everyone is an expert in something and can teach others.

Following the idea of mastery, we are determined to implement new ways to learn not just for students up to age 18, but also for others over that age, to obtain technical knowledge and credit concurrently and become life-long learners. With this we can create a hands-on learning environment for adults who might not want to participate in a classroom environment.

Solutions for Restoration of Your Educational System

GEAC - Logistics or Putting It All Together

Logistics or Putting It All Together

  • Give authority to teachers with experience
  • Diminish administrative control. Students, parents, (teachers) Academists™ & Facilitators , and community have the decision-making power regarding programs and goals
  • Create a “”  for all schools and Academists™ & Facilitators, in every country
GEAC - Improve Health

Improve Health

By offering more opportunities for focus and movement such as yoga, Qi Gong, martial arts, meditation…

  • Incorporate physical exercise and music, such as dance. These are some of the best methods of relieving anxiety and helping with ability to focus
  • Schools will choose 4-5 sporting activities to promote physical development
Hire Highly-Quality Academists™, Facilitators and Professors

Hire Highly-Quality Academists, Facilitators and Professors

  • Test their (EQ, reality & social) to hire those who are up to date with research and current topics
  • Take politics out of the classrooms
  • Give incentives for Academists, Facilitators and Professors to create student-centered, personalized curriculums
  • Raise Academists™, Facilitators and Professors minimum wage to a higher professional salary (i.e. engineers, architects)
  • Professorial positions with MA/MS degrees or higher, will be financially recognized like medical or engineering degrees
GEAC - Hands-On Learning

Hands-On Learning

  • We believe in experiential learning with lots of active and practical opportunities
  • We need more paid internships, apprenticeships, and school-to-work opportunities
  • We encourage the use of new forms of active and engaging learning including emerging learning
GEAC - Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

  • Include older populations, veterans and professionals, involved with opportunities to read, tutor, mentor and interact with children.
EAC - Healthy Schools Mean Healthy Children

Healthy Schools Mean Healthy Children

Conduct seminars for parents on how to create a healthy and prosperous environment for their children. Introducing Lifestyle Wellness Empowerment™ including;

  • Healthy eating habits and awareness
  • More movement and self-development, less screen-time
  • Prevention of illness and cleansing of our systems
  • Cooking & nutrition classes for families
  • Weekend outdoor sport activities for families
  • Building a community around the school
GEAC - School Choice is a Student and Parental Decision

School Choice is a Student and Parental Decision

  • Together families choose what type of school is best for their child
  • Students self-direct their own curriculum with milestone guidance
  • Rebrand teaching with more choices and alternatives for all
  • Change grading procedures, no letter grades, just levels of mastery, student’s self-evaluation and self-study plan
  • Introduce Academists™ and Facilitators to new techniques used in top universities 
  • Make learning a fun, joyful, investigative journey, driven by students
  • Change class hours from 9 am to 3-4 pm, including sports and extra-curricular activities
  • Integrate life skills into all the curriculums
  • Create teams with engaging projects and make students share responsibility for their learning
Student / Academists™ & Facilitator Ratio

Student / Academists & Facilitator Ratio

  • We suggest a maximum of 10:1 ratio for K-8 classrooms
  • Ratio of 15:1 for 9-12 level classes
GEAC - Mixed-Age Group Learning

Mixed-Age Group Learning

  • We encourage individualized instruction of mixed ages collaborating together
GEAC - Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • We promote interdisciplinary courses that tie subjects together in discovery
  • As we are focusing through projects, we combine multi-disciplinary subjects, creating research presentations covering; Maths, Sciences, English, Debate, Writing, etc.
GEAC - Academist™/Facilitator Training

Academist™/Facilitator Training

  • Shifting the focus of programs to improve metacognitive thinking and intuition
  • Learning how to support everyone’s abilities (disabilities) with new techniques
  • Using less social justice education and more team spirit and cooperation
  • Identifying student’s own learning styles and applying them
  • Developing an exciting plan to help Academists™ and Facilitators learn the newest techniques
GEAC - To Do list for Every Community People

To Do list for Every Community People

  • Promote every school district to create a blank canvas and imagine what their new schools will be like (Vision Board)
  • Collect input to develop learning strategies with practical goals
  • Identify books which tell the truth, as accurately as possible
  • Rewrite project plans (lesson plans) and learning materials
  • Create curriculum guidance, based on logical thinking and Montessori principles, to start with
  • Use the new methods and techniques to teach kids how to learn
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